Stake your assets securely

Once staking is live, put your LINK tokens to work by providing collateral to nodes of your choice. Retain full control of your tokens, powered by our trustless pooling contracts.

Curated Nodes

Securely stake assets without running your own node

Our smart contract-powered pooled staking app means your tokens never leave your control. There’s no need to build your own node—select from our curated lists of professionally managed nodes and pools.

Backed by Smart Contracts

Know your assets are secure

Our smart contracts ensure tamper-proof delivery from your wallet to our nodes. Your rewards accrue automatically, and you can claim them whenever you want.

What makes smart contracts so safe?

They’re transparent agreements that are decentralized—no single party can prevent their execution or manipulate the outcome. Smart contracts are publicly accessible, so anyone can inspect them at any time.


Find nodes to stake on

Explore your pool options

As they become available, pools will be listed in our staking app. Dive deeper into the nodes behind the pools using The Chainlink Market to decide where you want to stake your tokens.



Get rewards without a node

When you stake, you are allocating your LINK tokens to Chainlink nodes so they can use it as collateral. Receive LINK rewards as they’re earned, and claim them anytime.

Withdraw when convenient

Anytime withdrawals

Only you can withdraw your tokens – take them back at any time with no fees or penalties. Stake and take as you please.