Effortless staking with no technical knowledge required

Now Live on the Ropsten test network, details below!

LinkPool Staking dApp

In order to stake Link tokens onto a ChainLink node, we built a decentralised application (dApp) and focused on creating a clean and intuitive user interface to make the staking process easy as possible. Utilising Ethereum smart contracts to manage the staking allowed us to create a trustless system where you always have control over your tokens!

How does it work?

Users are required to install the MetaMask browser extension, this is used to log in to your wallet, this means we never see your private key and the authentication is handled entirely by MetaMask which also has support for hardware wallets such as Ledgers and Trezors. You will be presented with a friendly user interface that will allow you stake your ChainLink tokens onto an available node or withdraw previously staked tokens back into your wallet! You will also be able to see how many tokens you have earned as well as a full audit of your rewards, deposits and withdrawals!

Staking On Ropsten Guide

App Features

Full Account Overview

The dashboard page provides a full account overview, with a wallet section and variety of charts that display how much you’ve staked, earned in rewards and the distribution of your link across nodes.

Withdraw Anytime

Staked Link tokens are always kept within a smart contract, so you and only you can withdraw your tokens anytime. No fee's or penalties!

Fully Auditable

The transaction History table provides a full account audit by displaying all transactions relating to your address broken down by the type (Stake, Withdrawal and Reward).

How much does it cost?

There is absolutely no up-front cost for using LinkPool's staking platform! We simply take a 25% cut of all the rewards that any of our nodes generate, we then distribute the remaining 75% proportionally to all stakers!