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Nov 24, 2018

Staking App Update — v0.1.1

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We’re excited to have recently deployed a new substantial update to our staking app, which now supports:

  • Responsive Design: Browse our app on any device on the go.
  • Read-only Mode: No need for Metamask! You can now view our app in read-only mode, not needing any Ethereum Wallet or browser plugin.
  • Themes: We’ve now added a dark theme to the app.


Responsive Design

All of our app is now mobile friendly! To show how staking looks on your phone:

Stake onto a Chainlink node on your mobile!

Read-only Mode

Want to view your current rewards on your phone and you don’t have your wallet to hand? You can now use our read-only mode to enter your address in the app and view it as-if your wallet is unlocked:

View the app as any Ethereum address!

Dark Mode

For people who prefer darker UI’s, we now have a dark theme!

Easier on the eyes.


We all hope you enjoy the biggest update to the app since it launched!

Thanks for reading.

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