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Oct 22, 2021

Launching Node as a Service

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Jonny Huxtable

LinkPool's Node as a Service

The LinkPool team is excited to launch our Node as a Service platform, now available at NaaS furthers our vision of making the Chainlink network easily accessible, beginning with a focus on developers. Using the platform, developers can launch a Chainlink node in just a few clicks, removing any infrastructure complexities.


There is a massive influx of teams and developers looking to experiment and integrate custom Chainlink solutions in their smart contract applications. NaaS allows those teams to focus on their core products, and develop with Chainlink in the easiest way possible.

How Will It Work?

To launch a dedicated Chainlink node, first create a user account at, or use an existing account. Once logged in, select a node from the list of available options, give your node a name, select a region for your deployment, and in less than two minutes your Chainlink node will be available. We don’t store a copy of your credentials, so be sure to save them securely.

Once deployed, teams can login to their node and use the included core adapters to get started creating custom solutions powered by Chainlink. You can set up and configure the node like it’s your own, so you’re also free to host and add any external custom adapters to power any further integrations.


There’s a lot happening in the background to allow NaaS to work seamlessly, and we’re proud to be using some of the latest and greatest technologies to power it, making the platform scalable, secure, and future-proof for significant expansions in the future.


To begin with, deployments include:

  • A Chainlink node instance
  • A highly-available Postgres database
  • Direct access to clusters of blockchain fullnodes that have been hardened through years of production experience
  • Hands-off software updates


We’re excited to talk more about the infrastructure and systems that power NaaS and soon, the project’s lead engineers will be sharing a technical deep-dive.

Early Limits

We’re providing NaaS as a free service for developers who are building on testnet. To keep the service free and available to as many teams as possible, each user will be limited to one node. To ensure a consistent quality of service in the days following our launch, an initial global limit will also be set, though we will bump this limit up based on demand.


Free nodes have a subscription period of 28 days. Users will be able to extend their subscription for free, beginning 48 hours prior to the expiration of the subscription.

Next Up

Since we first recognized the need for NaaS in 2018, we’ve been ideating on how the platform can benefit the greatest number of users and service providers. The initial MVP launch of NaaS meets the basic needs of developers, but we’ve already begun work to extend functionality.


External Adapters – Our next major release will make adapters from the Chainlink monorepo available. This means that with an API key, developers will have integrated access to over 75 premium data sources like PayPal, The AP, AccuWeather, Tiingo, TheRundown, SportsDataIO and many more. We’re also working with data providers to provide special access and rates to data subscriptions for NaaS users.

In addition to open source adapters, users will also be able to deploy their own custom adapters for use with nodes deployed at


Network Support – Goerli, Rinkeby, and Kovan networks are supported on launch. Support for additional test networks and mainnets like Polygon, Avalanche, Optimism, and Arbitrum will be rolling out over the next few quarters.


Logging – Developers need logs. We’re working to make live logging available so teams can see debug logs for both nodes and adapters. Custom Grafana dashboards will also be available to display node performance and statistics.


Ensuring Decentralization – To ensure LinkPool deployed infrastructure doesn’t represent too much of the Chainlink network, we’re building as an open platform. Other Chainlink infrastructure providers will be able to make their products available through The LinkPool team will manage the platform and billing contracts, so users can easily select the infrastructure provider that is right for them.


Open Source – To make it as easy as possible for infrastructure providers to list their products on, we’ll be open sourcing our entire NaaS infrastructure solution. This will make it easy for any team on any cloud, or on premise to add their support as a NaaS provider in the future.


On-Chain Billing – Paid subscriptions for mainnet nodes and addons will be smart contract based. Contracts will be deployed on multiple chains, including Ethereum and Arbitrum to make sure that transaction costs don’t get in the way.

Start Building

The launch of LinkPool’s Node as a Service platform is the product of substantial planning, effort, and our years of experience as Chainlink node operators and Chainlink ecosystem developers. We’re proud to make it available to the world and we can’t wait to see what you’re going to build.


We look forward to your feedback! Join us on our Discourse forum and let us know what you think.

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