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Jan 10, 2020

Market Update: Responsive Design, Explorer Listing, and New Search

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Ian Read

Today we’re happy to be announcing the latest set of features rolling to the Market, an update that is our most substantial since our initial release.

Since we launched the Market we’ve seen great growth, building the foundation of an ecosystem that will connect smart contracts to the real world for the foreseeable future:


New Search Engine

Even though we feel the initial search capability we built at the start was sufficient, as the Market grew, it became clear that its capabilities were too limited for what we had in the mind for the future.

So we’re happy to be working with a third party to provide an intelligent search engine, allowing for more complex logic and functionality like auto complete, query suggestions and facets.

For example, you can now search for “Bitcoin” in the Market and it will also search for suggestions such as “BTC”, providing a more fluid and intuitive experience.

We’re confident the new search is a solid foundation for our future growth, so expect the Market’s search capabilities to quickly grow over time. We feel this will make great strides to empower smart contract developers by providing rapid access to the resources they need.

List Your Node on the Chainlink Explorer

We’ve been working with the Chainlink team to tighten the integration between the Market and the Explorer. Previously, the only way for node operators to add and display their nodes in the Explorer was to become officially reviewed. Now with this Market development, any node operator can self-list their node.

If you have your node listed on the Market, head over to your node’s profile to list it. To be listed, you just need your node within a Team, so if you haven’t created a Team yet in the Market, now is the time.

Once you add your node, you will be given a set of credentials and some instructions on what configuration variables to change on your Chainlink node, allowing it to connect and push live updates to the explorer.

This now means that every node operator who is listed can have their job runs counted, providing a more equitable marketplace for the community.

Responsive Design

The UI and UX of the Market is something we’re incredibly proud of. Much like search, UI/UX will be a core pillar for the marketplace as the ecosystem grows. We believe that the usability of the Market should extend to mobile devices, so we’ve been hard at work making the website responsive.

Check out the Market on a mobile device, and let us know on Telegram or Twitter how you like the responsive design. With teams like Metamask working on their mobile version, it’s exciting to look forward to the time when users will be able to stake on the go.

Badge System

End users need to have confidence in the nodes they select to fulfill their jobs through the Market, and we’re now making that easier. This update to the Market includes a new backend system to support tagging and badges that identify nodes that have met security considerations. You may have seen the early stages of our badge system in one of Chainlink’s recent presentations like Devcon5, where our SGX badge was highlighted as a way for future node operators to differentiate themselves through security.

The badge system will extend beyond nodes, increasing transparency and confidence at the adapter and data source level.

Tracking Reviewed & Managed Nodes

Node operators who have undergone formal review by the Chainlink team are as essential part of the early network. With Chainlink’s increasing integration in the DeFi space, official reviewed nodes are charting the course for all node operators by demonstrating reliable network utility. Initial tracking and identification of reviewed nodes was maintained through the official Chainlink documentation, but we’ll be tracking this in the Market going forward with a Chainlink Reviewed Node badge.

Through our Managed Node Service, LinkPool maintains Chainlink nodes for select clients. Transparency surrounding which nodes are managed by third parties is important, especially in the early days of the network. We’ve created a mechanism in the Market so that owners can designate and indicate which third party manages the day to day operations of their node.


Next Up

The Market will continue to evolve alongside the growth and needs of the Chainlink network, and we’ve already begun work on the next major release.

As a first step to providing an analytics suite, we’re working to integrate visualizations that display network usage. We’re also building out the Market API which will allow for remote management, and bulk adding of jobs, adapters, and nodes. Node operators will also be able to customize their listing in the Market by adding visual elements, like logos. The next release will also provide support for External Initiators, which we see as an important component in the next stage of the network.


Find the Market at:

Let us know what you think about this update through our social channels:

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