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Aug 09, 2019

Launching the Chainlink Market

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Jonny Huxtable

It is with great excitement that today we are going live with our brand-new, first-of-its-kind Chainlink marketplace. The Chainlink Market is one of LinkPool’s three main product offerings, and we’re thrilled to be launching it today.

Find and list your Chainlink nodes, jobs, and adapters on the first and only true Chainlink marketplace at:

On behalf of LinkPool, we thank everyone for the support we’ve received over the last 20 months of our operation. Without you all, this wouldn’t have come to fruition, and we’re extremely excited to be in the position we are, allowing us to push the ecosystem forward with launching the Market.


Game Changer

The Market is the first of its kind and with saying that, it brings new benefits and opens a lot of doors for the Chainlink ecosystem that have never been possible before. Prior to the Market, there hasn’t been a place that acts as a central point for all Chainlink node operators, developers, and end-users to search for what they need, or list what they create.

Without anywhere for people to list their own oracles, adapters, data sources, and jobs, there hasn’t been a way for the end-users who want to utilise Chainlink within their digital agreements to discover resources to connect their contracts with the external world. This changes that, massively.

With the launch of our Market, the entire Chainlink ecosystem can be listed and searched. End-users can quickly load up our Market and search for exactly what they need. Do you need 4 Chainlink oracles that can support fetching the price of BTC-USD from multiple exchanges? Or do you need 10 Chainlink oracles that can fetch the current weather conditions for an on-chain insurance agreement? Whatever the case, the users can find it and the builders can list it.

Read more into the features of our Market in the announcement article.


Thanks to the Community

Before the public launch today, we’ve been reaching out to prominent community members and the endorsed node operators to bootstrap the Market. It’s been overwhelming to see the feedback that we’ve received, to iron out all the early issues, and to develop improvements or features based on the wider feedback from other professional builders and operators within the Chainlink ecosystem.

Calling All Node Operators

You can now list your Chainlink nodes! There’s no centralised vetting process, anyone can list their node now on the Market to be used by end-users of the Chainlink network. You can then further boost Chainlink use-cases by then listing any adapters you create, allowing other node operators to also support them on their own nodes, creating further decentralisation.

The Market has been designed from the ground up to be a completely free-market. List anything and everything. By working together, we will create, support and push towards a thriving Chainlink ecosystem.


To list your Chainlink node on the Market and for it to show within search results, it’s got to be verified. The verification process is a set of on-chain contracts that we’ve built to prove that the node you list is actually a Chainlink node.

The verification process includes a charge, payable in LINK. Costs for the verification are detailed here:

There are two main reasons for why we charge for this process:

  • We spent a lot of time & effort building the Market, and it’s something that we want to directly monetize.
  • The on-chain verification process isn’t foolproof. It just acts as a hard filter on what can be listed, with a LINK cost there’s more of a deterrent to falsely verify nodes.

In the future, the verification process won’t be the only aspect of the Market that we charge for. We’re already busy planning subscription based products and optional paid features for the Market.


Try it out!

We have decided to not describe the features of the Market in this article, but rather allow the Market to speak for itself. Browse to the Market and try it out! As of public release, we have:

  • 20 Nodes
  • 17 Adapters
  • 98 Jobs

Be part of the first Chainlink node operators to list their nodes and contribute to the success of the ecosystem today.



We hope you’re all as excited as we are with the launch of the Market. We see it as a huge step in the right direction for Chainlink that will only lead onto a more decentralised and healthy ecosystem.

We’ve created a new Telegram group specifically for help & support with using the Market:

The rest of our social channels:

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