Chainlink Market

Explore all the data Chainlink makes available

Find and request data to integrate. List, evaluate, and commission nodes, adapters, and jobs all in one place.


Developer Focused

The original Chainlink Marketplace

We’ve created the definitive marketplace for the Chainlink ecosystem, empowering blockchain developers to build the next generation of hybrid smart contracts.

Total Visibility

Comprehensive network support

As the Chainlink network expands and integrates with additional networks, the Market grows to support them — ensuring total visibility.

For Developers

Get the data you need

Discover data provider nodes and data sources offered by the wider Chainlink network. Sort nodes, adapters, and jobs by using real-time metrics to find the data you need to power your application.


Source-Signed Data

Get data directly from the source, signed and delivered by data provider nodes.

Easily Integrate

Once you’ve found the data you need, follow the docs for a seamless integration.

For Node Operators

Get your node noticed

List your node in the largest directory in the Chainlink ecosystem. Showcase your node to end users, developers, and data providers to generate activity and drive revenue.

Add your own adapters

Highlight your open source adapters by connecting directly to GitHub.


Add supported data sources

Identify in-demand data sources and make them available on your own node.

Add jobs to your Chainlink node

Show what your node is capable of by adding its available jobs to the Market.

Use Cases

Make the Market work for you

Get the most out of Chainlink data across all industries.


Decentralized Finance


The emerging economy of permissionless financial instruments depends on reliable asset pricing.

Parametric Insurance


Prediction Markets


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