Data Monetization

Put your data to work on the blockchain

Generate new revenue streams for your data by providing it to any blockchain powered by Chainlink.


Earn from your data on any Chainlink node

Monetizing your data is fast and secure. When you connect information sources to our nodes, smart contracts ensure you get paid whenever your data is accessed.

Managed Node Service

Let our experts handle it

No need to learn, code, or set up anything. Our Managed Node Service puts experts in charge of securely connecting your data in the Chainlink ecosystem.

Smart Contracts

We set up Smart Contracts that ensure consistent payout for use of your data.


Stay in complete control

Be as hands-on as you want with our Managed Node Service. Roll up your sleeves and dive in, or sit back and be confident your node is finely tuned.



Lightning-fast, low latency transfers

Your Managed Nodes are modeled after our own for maximum data transfer efficiency and industry leading uptime.

Punch through network congestion


Our nodes stay up. During times of heavy network activity, LinkPool Managed Nodes ensure data is delivered when it’s needed most.


The full power of Managed Nodes

Wide Network Support

We support every network that Chainlink does, so your nodes can too.

Expert Management

We’re the leader in Chainlink infrastructure services, supporting the network since day one.

Reliable & Redundant

With automated failover and detailed monitoring, LinkPool Managed Nodes are highly available.

Lightning Speed

We run blockchain full nodes for each supported network, to ensure low latency responses.

Use Cases

Make the Market work for you

Get the most out of Chainlink data across all industries.


Decentralized Finance


The emerging economy of permissionless financial instruments depends on reliable asset pricing.

Parametric Insurance


Prediction Markets


Start earning more from your data

Make your data available on your own node or other Chainlink nodes. Keep an eye on global usage as your data gets to work.