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About LinkPool

LinkPool is a ChainLink service provider with the ultimate goal of lowering the barrier to entry to become part of the ChainLink node network. Our aim is to allow people to easily earn passive income via effortless staking, and also ease the amount of technical knowledge and experience required for running their own node. We achieve this by offering a easy to use and intuitive staking app and also a more hands-on node as a service solution.

The Team

Mat & Jonny met in the official ChainLink slack channel where the idea of LinkPool was first conceived between the two. Both are Cryptocurrency enthusiasts from the UK that come from different yet complimentary programming & technical backgrounds.

Mat has worked primarily at startups in a range of roles, drawing knowledge from various different areas of business and Jonny has substantial experience in both programming and infrastrucure at an enterprise level!

Bartoz is a talented frontend and dApp developer who was a member of the LinkPool community, he joined the team in early 2018 and has quickly become a valued member of the team.

Mat Beale

Mat Beale


Business Development

Jonny Huxtable

Jonny Huxtable


Tech Lead

Jonny Huxtable

Bartosz Wojciechowski

Principle dApp Developer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LinkPool?

LinkPool is a service that allows a user to stake Chainlink tokens on an existing node via a smart contract and generate rewards through the Chainlink node reward system (proportionate to the amount of Link staked).

Are you officially associated with ChainLink?

No. We are a completely seperate entity from SmartContract and ChainLink. We will simply be ChainLink node operators working on a larger scale.

Why would I want to put my Link into a pool?

Our pools will consist of professionally constructed nodes which have an emphasis on security, resiliance and redundancy. They will provide access to closed and expensive data sources and will aim to have a high repuation within the network. This will increase the usage of our nodes in the network, resulting in more Link tokens earned.

Why does a ChainLink node need Link tokens?

The Chainlink network requires a portion of link tokens to act as collateral while the Node job is active in order to prevent foulplay. The more Link a node has the more concurrent and higher value jobs it can take undertake.

What if I want my Link tokens back?

Send a withdrawal request within the dApp and it will be processed and sent back to you via the smart contract. This process will be completely transparent.

How much will I make?

There are many variables to take into account when understanding how much a node will make. This will become clearer upon the main release of Chainlink, and we will monitor how much Link our nodes earn very closely. This information will also be made public.

Is it safe?

The security of our platform is hugely important. We will ensure the network is secure by pen-testing, auditing our infastructure and contract. All tokens staked on LinkPool are stored within an Ethereum smart contract so they can only be withdrawl by the owner.

How does LinkPool benefit?

We will take a 25% cut of all the rewards earned by any node. The remainder is then distributed proportionatly amongst stakers. Read more about the economics of LinkPool here

Can't I just set up my own Node?

You can create your own node! We encourage this, as a diverse network of Chainlink nodes will benefit the project overall! Our target audience is those that do not feel they are technically able or simply don't have the time to invest to run a node.