Nodes as a Service. Your node, our infrastructure


With our Node as a Service we will host your node with access to a high-available Ethereum client cluster with disaster-recovery and redundancy. Providing the same security, reliability and high-availability as nodes within our staking platform. The only difference is that you are in complete control of your own ChainLink node, this means you can manage all the datasources and external adapters used by the node and all the revenue generated is yours to keep!

How does it work?

When using the Naas service, your node will be hosted by us with the ability to access your ChainLink node operator user interface through a web browser which will allow you to manage all aspects of the node. The service will be paid for on a subscription basis whereby you will be charged a monthly fee paid in Link tokens. The monthly fee will be a static fiat value paid in the equivalent amount of Link.

Infrastructure designed for ChainLink

Node as a Service is powered by our infrastructure that has been built from the ground-up with the latest technologies to ensure it's easily scalable, secure and has a constant up-time. Any NaaS nodes created will consist of backup nodes that will start operating if any downtime is detected, connect to our high-availability and always synced Ethereum clients and have the option to use our external adaptors that connect to subscription based API's.

More Details Coming Soon!