Stakeable, Scalable and Secure ChainLink Nodes

What is LinkPool?

LinkPool is a ChainLink service provider with the ultimate goal of lowering the barrier to entry to becoming part of the ChainLink node network. Our aim is to allow people to easily earn passive income via staking, and also ease the amount of technical knowledge and experience required for running their own node. We achieve this by offering a easy to use and intuitive staking app and also a more hands-on Node as a service solution.

LinkPool Services


Effortless Node Staking

We have developed a rich and intuitive dApp that allows users to stake their Link tokens onto our professionally maintained LinkPool Nodes via Ethereum smart contracts. If you don't feel technical enough to run your own Chainlink node or you just want to earn a passive income without any additional effort, this could be the solution for you!

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Node as a Service

Your Node, Your Rules

If you want to run your own Node but are not confident around how to create the most secure and efficient node infrastructure possible, you can use our NaaS service. We will simply host your ChainLink node with our uniquely crafted infrastructure that was built with a focus on security, redundancy and upgradability, specifically for ChainLink nodes. You still retain full control over the node itself!

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Consultancy & Managed Nodes

Private and fully managed

If you have a lucrative API or are an organisation looking to utilize Smart Contracts & ChainLink Oracles, we can provide consultancy and assist in implementing a solution as well as fully managing and hosting your ChainLink nodes. Please get in touch directly for more details!


Beta Sign Up

Due to an overwhelming amount of interest, we've now closed our Beta participation signup. Please follow us on Twitter and Medium for any updates!